Importing & Converting Spreadsheet Files

QA Assistant Studio MAX Custom Report Charts

Have Excel, Spreadsheet, or CSV files you'd like to import and convert into a dynamic, database-driven powerhouse document, benefitting from all QA Assistant Studio MAX features and tools? It's easy with QA Assistant Studio MAX's import feature!

We've just overhauled the import feature to streamline the process, optimize performance, and to be more flexible to import even some of the most loosely formatted spreadsheet files out there.

How it works

Drag and drop the file to the import window in QA Assistant Studio MAX. Identify the columns and rows you'd like to import. Click Done!

Within seconds, the static spreadsheet content is extracted, added to your dynamic knowledgebase library, and included in all relevant document reports. Oh, and what was once a mere spreadsheet silo becomes a genuine, powerhouse QA Assistant Studio MAX file!

Many benefits to converting spreadsheets to QA Assistant Studio MAX files

Database & AI-driven: All document content instantly becomes part of your knowledgebase library. This is a dynamic "live" version of the "baseline" documents you sometimes hear about. As you edit documents, QA Assistant Studio MAX uses AI to automatically review, filter and present pertinent information from your knowledgebase library to help you fill in the document.

Full-featured: An imported document benefits from all QA Assistant Studio MAX features. It becomes fully integrated with Link&Sync™, Build+Sync™, Built-in and Custom Reports, Custom Charts, Projects, PPAPs, ... You get the idea. It works with the whole QA Assistant Studio MAX toolset!

Access / Version Control: Assign user-specific or company-wide permissions to view and edit your imported documents. Send the imported documents through automated approval workflows and easily manage version control - all from within QA Assistant Studio MAX!

Next steps?

If you have a QA Assistant Studio MAX account, watch the QA Assistant TV training videos on importing and converting spreadsheet files to QA Assistant Studio MAX files.

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