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Document Overview

QA Assistant Studio™ Project Planning

QA Assistant Studio™ makes it easy to create, maintain, approve and manage your APQP Documents. It comes with 13,000+ document templates designed to meet the needs of most designers and manufacturers.

3rd Party Document Support
Upload, maintain, and control 3rd party documents such as CAD drawings, product images, design records, etc. just as you would a native QA Assistant Studio document format. Your documents are safely stored with industry leading AES encryption.

QA Assistant Studio™ includes native templates for:
Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis ( dFMEA )
Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis ( pFMEA )
Process Control Plans ( PCP )
Process Flow Charts
Part Submission Warrants
Work Instructions
Manufacturing Quality Chart ( MQC )
Gantt Charts / Action Plans
PPAP Submissions ( Product Part Approval Process )
Project Management
Custom Risk Criteria
Custom Reports

Use QA Assistant Studio™'s built in revision control system or export the documents to Microsoft® Excel or Adobe® PDF for local management or data backup.

Creating 'Master' documents
QA Assistant Studio™'s Build+Sync™ feature lets you point and click to use existing documents as 'sections' or building blocks to create a complete APQP document. You may even specify to have any change in the Master sections automatically update all documents which include that section. This means you would only have to make the change once and all relevant documents across all relevant processes and products would be immediately updated to contain that change.

Learn more about Build+SyncLearn more about Build+Sync™

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