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Custom Reports

QA Assistant Studio™ Custom Reports

You're in control. Choose from many QA Assistant Studio built-in templates or create your own custom reports from scratch to research across all of your information and filter to display the specific data you seek. Reports display 'live' data and are automatically saved for future use.

QA Assistant Studio™ custom reports allow you to:
Quickly generate real-time reports based on your specific needs
Re-use report structures for live daily/weekly/monthly reports
Easily identify designs & processes which meet detailed criteria

Custom Report Usage Example
Imagine you are introducing a new control to a process step which is used for multiple products within your organization. You would like to determine which documents contain that process step but do not yet have the control in place. You may also wish to prioritize the results based on current Detection values in order to determine which processes would benefit most from the new control. In QA Assistant Studio™, this is easy to set up and, since the criteria of your search is saved automatically, you may simply re-run the report periodically to check the progress.

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