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Control Overview

Specifying User Access in QA Assistant Studio

In QA Assistant Studio™, document control encompasses two primary objectives:
Provide appropriate access to relevant individuals
Maintain complete revision control

QA Assistant Studio™'s complete document control helps prevent accidental changes to another team's documents, provides audit traceability by logging each user's contributions, and facilitates collaborating with colleagues and customers.

QA Assistant Studio™ User Access Control
How do you ensure your team is able to view and contribute to their documents while maintaining security? QA Assistant Studio™ provides two levels of user access control, allowing you to set global access rights for a user while maintaining independent access control for each document.

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QA Assistant Studio™ Revision Control
Managing document revision histories and ensuring previous revisions are maintained accurately and securely is easy in QA Assistant Studio™. In addition to the basic revision control functionality one might expect, QA Assistant Studio™ also includes tools for dynamically checking document content and requesting document approvals.

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