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Multi-Stage Approvals

FDA Compliant Approval Workflows

When a document has been created, do you need to manually send it to the appropriate team members, managers, or customers for their review and approval? How much time do you spend managing the approval requests and responses? Do you have to manually take note of each approval?

QA Assistant Studio™ significantly improves the efficiency of approval process by handling all of the tedious tasks. Simply select a previously saved workflow or create a new one. QA Assistant Studio™ automatically emails the appropriate colleagues and customers when their approval is requested. Approvals are then collected using FDA-compliant electronic signatures which specify the date, time, and status of each approver's response.

QA Assistant Studio™ Approval Workflow Example
With built-in support for multi-stage approval workflows, various approval 'gates' may be specified, as well. The workflow on the right of this screen illustrates a multi-stage approval workflow for a recently created FMEA, Control Plan, or other APQP document. Below is a step-by-step description of how QA Assistant Studio™ completes this workflow:

1. Step 1 lists the local team who created the document. In this example, their approval is required before moving on to Step 2. Therefore, each of these three people will receive an email requesting their approval for the document.

2. Once all of the approvals for Step one have been received, and providing their responses were all positive, an email is then sent to the team's manager requesting his approval.

3. When the manager's approval has been recorded, QA Assistant Studio™ automatically moves on to Step 3 and notifies the customer of their signature request.

4. If the customer accepts the document, an email is sent to two of the engineers. If the customer rejects the document, an email notice is automatically sent to the manager and one of the engineers.

Customize Your Workflows
The workflow to the right is only an example. You may specify your own flow with as many 'stages' or 'gates' as you need. In addition, email notices may be requested at each stage to send affected people an update on the approval workflow's progress.

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