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Approval Workflows

FDA Compliant Approval Workflows

Once an FMEA, Control Plan, Process Flow, or other APQP document has been completed, how do you manage the various aspects of the document's approvals such as sending approval requests and tracking responses? It is often complicated and slow using conventional email.

QA Assistant Studio™ addresses these issues with its built-in support for approval workflows. QA Assistant Studio™ enables you to:

Easily obtain approvals from colleagues, managers, and customers

With approval workflows, the colleagues, managers, and customers you identify will automatically receive an email requesting their approval at the appropriate time. Managing approvals is easy.

Specify multiple stages and gates of the approval cycle

Quickly select to obtain approvals from all relevant people in one group (i.e. a document's team) before requesting the approval of another group (i.e. management).

Obtain approvals from anyone, anywhere

Obtaining standards-compliant approvals from your suppliers and customers is easy, too. In fact, the approvers do not even need to have a QA Assistant Studio™ license or any special software.

Automatic email notices on stage completion

There is no need to continuously check on the progress of approvals. With this feature, you may elect to receive or send an email to relevant people once a particular stage of the approval has been approved or rejected.
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