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Importing & Exporting

QA Assistant Studio - Importing and Exporting

QA Assistant Studio™ is import & export friendly, enabling you to:
Import existing spreadsheet Design FMEA, Process FMEA, and Control Plan documents
Export all documents and reports to an Excel® spreadsheet or PDF format

QA Assistant Studio™ Importing
Have you been using Excel® to create and maintain your APQP documents? Why start over from scratch? QA Assistant Studio™ includes an easy-to-use wizard to import your existing spreadsheet documents.

Once imported, the files will be included in your QA Assistant Studio™ database, allowing you to research, report, and control those documents as if they were original QA Assistant Studio™ documents.

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QA Assistant Studio™ Exporting
All QA Assistant Studio documents and reports may be exported to either PDF or XLS (readable in Excel® and Open Office) file formats for local storage or distribution. Exporting preferences allow you to be in control of what information is included in the exported documents.

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