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Building the Library

Building your QA Assistant Studio knowledgebase library

Leveraging lessons learned in dFMEA and pFMEA studies and ensuring the all applicable controls are utilized in Control Plans are key activities for continuous improvement and improving yield. QA Assistant Studio™ automatically documents all of your information in your organization's "Library" and makes it easy to recall the information later.

QA Assistant Studio™'s Automatic Library Building
Every entry in every document your organization creates is instantly available in your organization's library for use in all other documents across all sites -- eliminating the tedious task of managing an independent library and ensuring the most current information is instantly available for other products and processes.

QA Assistant Studio™'s Intelligent Library Functionality
In QA Assistant Studio™, your organization's library is automatically built internally using an algorithm similar to a Fault Tree Analysis ( FTA ) study. In this way, only applicable information relating to the specific item, process, failure modes, or potential causes will be recalled in future documents.

Personalizing QA Assistant Studio™'s Library
Of course not everything your company enters will be applicable to all products or processes. So QA Assistant Studio™'s library is designed to provide you the flexibility to customize the information it displays to each person.

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