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Searching the Library

Automatic KnowledgeBase Library Researching

For effective FMEA results and efficient Control Plans, the most current information must be readily accessible. Manually searching through spreadsheets may take hours and incomplete research is likely. QA Assistant Studio™ researches information across all of your organization's documents within milliseconds and limits mistakes.

Automatic Researching Based on Document Content
QA Assistant Studio™ automatically researches your library and identifies information relevant to the document you are creating, reducing the time needed to complete dFMEA, pFMEA, Control Plans and Process Flow analysis.

Advanced Search Capabilities
In addition to the automatic researching in QA Assistant Studio™, search criteria may be specified manually. In this way, you may research information relating to a product or process which may be outside the scope of the current document.

Leveraging Use of Libraries in Reports
By using the library, the documents your teams create will contain similar phrases and notation which makes future reporting simple and effective.

For more information, see Advanced Reporting

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