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Planning Overview

QA Assistant Studio™ Project Planning

QA Assistant Studio™'s project planning tools enable you to manage the important aspects of a product's life-cycle with ease.

How does your team juggle multiple projects at once?
QA Assistant Studio™ project planning tools enable you to effectively:
Define key project milestones and action owners
Visualize project timeline and status
Report on open actions and identify potential delays

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How do you ensure the correct documents are utilized for each product?
Identifying which documents correspond to each project is simplified with QA Assistant Studio™. Link documents directly to products or product families to enable your team to quickly identify which documents to use in production and to facilitate preparing for audits and submissions to customers.

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How do you share information only with intended colleagues and customers?
QA Assistant Studio™ makes it easy to establish teams, define read/write privileges, and schedule information to be shared with colleagues and customers even if they do not yet have a QA Assistant Studio™ account. In this way, you remain in complete control while they will be able to view the real-time information without needing any special software.

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