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Action Planning

Imagine you are sitting in a project meeting. Your project is running on time. Everyone has completed their actions to date and they understand what is required moving forward. QA Assistant Studio™ makes this possible.

Benefits of Planning Actions in QA Assistant Studio™
QA Assistant Studio™ provides the tools to:
Quickly create actions and project milestones
Assign ownership and traceability of actions to one or more individuals
Visualize project progress and status of actions
QA Assistant Studio™ Project Planning

QA Assistant Studio™ Action Planning Features
QA Assistant Studio™'s time-saving action planning tools include:
Andon ("traffic light") indicators to provide visual confirmation of action status
Color-coded markers let you customize and categorize actions
Drag-n-Drop Gantt chart facilitates visualizing project progress and updating action timelines
Auto-complete dropdown lists for quickly specifying action owners
Controlled access enables each team member to view the project's actions and status in real-time

Project milestones you may document include Advanced Product Quality Planning ( APQP ) activities, dFMEA, pFMEA, Control Plan due dates, prototype runs, and plans for audits and customer visits.

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