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Product-Document Links

QA Assistant Studio™ linking APQP documents to products

QA Assistant Studio™ provides the opportunity to 'link' applicable Design FMEA ( dFMEA ), Process FMEA ( pFMEA ), Process Flow, Control Plan and other documents to each product.

Benefits of Linking Documents to Products
Primary benefits of specifying which documents correspond to each product include:
Ensuring the correct documents are used in design and manufacturing
Identifying applicable documents for audit preparation & submissions
Obtaining real-time status and summaries for all project documents

How does it work in QA Assistant Studio™?
Once a document has been created, it may be linked to one or more products in the project tree. The QA Assistant Studio™ project planning window displays key information about all of the documents linked to a given product or family. Documents are grouped by document type ( dFMEA, pFMEA, Control Plan, Process Flow, etc) and summaries, including Pareto Analysis graphs, are available from this view.

An Example for Real-Life Applications
The controls used in a design or manufacturing process might be identical, with minor exceptions, for several products in a product family within your organization. It may even be the case that entire documents are 'copied' for similar products, making minor changes to account for slight variations in the finished product. But, if a new control is introduced into a product family, how tedious is it to find and update each of the relevant documents?

With QA Assistant Studio™, you will be able to create one 'family-level' FMEA, for example, and have it 'inherited' by all of the products in that family. In this way, if a change is required, you only have one document to update. The change is then immediately available to all products within that family.

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