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Sharing QA Assistant Studio projects with colleagues and customers

Have you ever needed to share your project information with a colleague or customer? QA Assistant FileShare™ enables you to easily share your project information and FMEA , Control Plan, and Process Flow document summaries with your colleagues and customers even if they do not have a QA Assistant Studio™ license!

How does it work?
Simply enter your colleague or customer's information for reference, select which modules and/or documents you would like to share, and click to add the colleague or customer. An email is automatically sent to your contact with a link and access key to that project where they'll be able to access the specified live data and information.

Other benefits include:

Scheduling Information Sharing

If you are working with an outside contractor or sharing information with a customer, you may wish to limit sharing information with these individuals to a specific timeframe

Real-time Information Sharing

Information is shared in real-time using QA Assistant Studio™. By sharing 'live' information with your customers, they will be able to view the progress your team is making on products they are purchasing.

Personalized Sharing with Individuals

Because QA Assistant Studio™ FileShare™ facilitates sharing information with each individual independently, you may specify or schedule different documents or project information to be shared with each individual.
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