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Build + Sync™

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Imagine being able to use document sections as building blocks for larger processes. Or having only one master document to manage while knowing all related documents will automatically be updated when the master document changes. Or even a combination of the two features whereby you create a document using other documents as the building blocks and when one of those sections is updated, the larger document instantly updates to reflect the changes.

With QA Assistant Studio™ you no longer need to imagine! QA Assistant Studio™ includes Build + Sync™, a smarter, faster way to create documents for similar products and/or processes

Build + Sync™ for Reusable Building Blocks

When you create similar products and processes, inevitably there will be an overlap in features or process steps throughout those products and processes. QA Assistant Studio™ lets you create those processes as modular sections which may be reused in other documents.

An example would be if all of our products use the same process for moving the product between workstations. It would be a logistical nightmare to ensure the most recent process steps for moving between workstations are used in all new process documents and update every document which includes those steps when a change is made.

The solution is simple. QA Assistant Studio™ lets you group those steps into a module. Then, you may select that module (and other modules) and use them as building blocks to create the larger documents which define the full process. You can literally create complete, up-to-date documents in a matter of minutes.

Build + Sync™ for Synchronizing to Master Documents

Both customer and internal requirements may necessitate multiple instances of documents for virtually the same product. For example, Customer A and Customer B may purchase the exact same product from your company but they may require that their name and part number appear at the top of each document. If it's exactly the same product, the product will be going through exactly the same process for both customers. Therefore, aside from the customer requirement, there's no need to create all of the documents twice. In fact, creating the paperwork twice opens the door to human errors when changes are introduced to the process.

QA Assistant Studio™ Build + Sync™ allows you to use a document as a 'Master' document, controlling the content of the Build + Sync™ document while each document header may specify the customer name and part number for which that document was created. You may even select to have the documents automatically update when a change is made to the 'Master' document.

Build + Sync™ for Synchronizing to Master Building Blocks

Combining the two features mentioned above, Build + Sync™ allows you to create documents, using other documents as 'building blocks'. It then provides the tools to synchronize the information in those 'building blocks' to the current Build + Sync™ document. You may select to update (and even update the revision number of) the current document when one or more of the specified 'building blocks' is updated.

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