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Synchronize Related Documents

Synchronizing process documents in QA Assistant Studio™

QA Assistant Studio™ lets you define a process in any Process FMEA, Control Plan, or Process Flow Chart and, from that document, create the other process documents. You may also synchronize characteristic tables between both design and process documents.

Creating Process Documents from Existing Documents

QA Assistant Studio™ flexibility enables you to create any process document and build the other process documents from that first document. For example, you may create a Process Flow Chart and, from that document, build the Control Plan and Process FMEA. QA Assistant Studio™ allows you to define synchronization relationships between the documents so that a change in one document appropriately affects the other documents per the desired Master document relationship. This allows you to make a change to the Control Plan, for example, and have it automatically note the difference and prompt the owner of the Process Flow Chart and Process FMEA.

Synchronizing Imported Documents

Process documents created in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft® Excel® are not often linked to other spreadsheet files. However, once imported into QA Assistant Studio™, relationships between the documents may then be established quickly and easily using the QA Assistant Studio™ built-in automated wizards and synchronization managing tools.

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