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Cyber Month 2014 - 10% Off QA Assistant Studio MAX!
10% OFF pre-orders of the all-new QA Assistant Studio MAX™!
Free Live Webinar - Using Build+Sync Documents!
We are pleased to invite you to free live webinar covering QA Assistant Studio Build+Sync´┐Ż functionality on Wednesday December 3rd at 11am EST (4pm GMT, 8am PST), 30 minutes.
QA Assistant - Listening & Acting are Our Strengths!
'It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.' - Charles Darwin. Evolution is at the very core of QA Assistant.
QA Assistant Studio™ Update - March 2013!
The new QA Assistant Studio™ upgrade is now available on our GlobalNetwork Edition and Education Edition. This article highlights some of the new features!
QA Assistant Launches YouTube Channel!
Now you can watch complimentary APQP training videos 24/7 on the QA Assistant YouTube Channel
QA Assistant at your Fingertips!
FMEA, APQP & Control Plan software now on iPad®, Blackberry® Playbook and Tablet!
Free Live FMEA Training Webinar
Following the success of our acclaimed white paper 'Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness of FMEA Studies', we are pleased to host a free Live Webinar based on the details of paper.
Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail... Using FMEA & FMEA Software to Mitigate Risks
Mary Bray, Key Account Manager with QA Assistant discusses failure to plan and how it can be addressed with adapting FMEA & APQP methodolgy including Design Failure Modes Effects Analysis ( dFMEA ), Process Failure Modes Effects Analysis ( pFMEA ), Control Plans, Process Flows, and other Advanced Product Quality Planning ( APQP ) documents.
FMEA and Murphys Law
Mary Bray discusses Murphys Law and how it can be overcome with adapting FMEA & APQP methodolgy.
QA Assistant Quotes for Quality
QA Assistant Key Account Manager, Mary Bray, shares her favourite quality quotations from the QA Assistant office.
QA Assistant extends online support hours
QA Assistant announces new extended support hours for Autumn 2012.
QA Assistant announces its forthcoming release -- QA Assistant Studio Flex™
QA Assistant directors today officially announced that a completely new QA Assistant Studio™ product is in development.
QA Assistant Holiday Schedule December 2011
QA Assistant will be open for business through the holidays. Full December 2011 holiday schedule available.
QA Assistant Studio™ 1 Release Date: 12 December 2011
The newest version of QA Assistant Studio™ to be developed has a scheduled release date of 12 December 2011. New and improved features include...
New Features for QA Assistant Studio™ Announced
QA Assistant Studio™ engineers have added to the list of new features and improvements to be included in the next QA Assistant Studio™ release.
The next QA Assistant Studio™ release is announced
The new version of QA Assistant Studio™ is set for Autumn 2011! With its new features and improved functionality, there has never been a better time to use QA Assistant Studio™.
Northridge Management Services Offers QA Assistant Studio™ to Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Clients for Risk Management
QA Assistant directors today announced Northridge Management Services as an authorised representative for QA Assistant Studio™ in Ireland.
A New Success Story
Nordic Windpower Extends Service for an Additional Two Years
April's Upgrade is Met with Approval!
April's upgrades include Approval Workflow functionality
The new Project Assistant is coming!
The Project Assistant™ is one of the areas being targeted for improvement. Learn about how your team may benefit from the new features and functionality here!
QA Assistant Holiday Schedule 2010
As our APQP software is web-based, QA Assistant Studio™ is will be available 100% of the time through the holidays. QA Assistant LLC direct Sales and Product support will be available during our normal business hours. This article details our schedule for the rest of 2010 and early 2011.
What is in development?
The QA Assistant Studio™ roadmap into 2011 is packed with great features and ideas!
Date of the QA Assistant Studio™ Fall 2010 Release Announced!
The Fall 2010 QA Assistant Studio™ release has been set! Mark your calendars for the 25th October 2010!
QA Assistant Studio™ Fall 2010 Release Features Announced!
The new feature set for the new QA Assistant Studio™ is announced ahead of the highly anticipated release.
Validation Certificates Available for next QA Assistant Studio™ Revision!
QA Assistant today announced Validation Certificates are available for the upcoming QA Assistant Studio™ release.
Synchronization announced for next QA Assistant Studio™ release!
Information in FMEA documents, Control Plan documents, and Process Flow documents must be consistent. QA Assistant Studio™ makes it easy!
New APQP Software Functionality Announced!
QA Assistant software team today announced some of the new features available in this Quarter's release -- including an innovative approach to traditional functionality being added to the toolset!
FMEA Software Reaches New Heights
Quality Manager for Dubrovnik Airlines explains how using QA Assistant Studio™ FMEA software improves their productivity and reduces their costs!
FMEA Software Success Story
Managing Director of Culimeta Saveguard explains how using our FMEA software helps contribute to their success!
GeoTrust Certifies QA Assistant Studio™
GeoTrust, the worlds second largest digital certificate provider, certifies QA Assistant Studio™ SSL security settings.
QA Assistant Receives InterTradeIreland Highly Commended Award
QA Assistant LLC business plan received InterTradeIreland Business Competition 2009 Highly Commended Award.
QA Assistant Launches Best Value Guarantee!
The best APQP software at the best price...guaranteed!
QA Assistant Reviews 2009's Improvement Programme
In addition to providing the best value APQP software on the market, QA Assistant also ensures the best experience for our customers.
New Release Now Live!
A quick guide to the new benefits and features now available!
An Insiders Look at Assistant Studio!
The Who, What, Where, How, and When of the new Assistant Studio!
Some Features for Next Release Announced!
Exciting new features to our APQP Software - including many enhancements to the FMEA Software and Control Plan software - announced!
QA Assistant Initiates APQP Focus Groups
Today QA Assistant announced plans to pioneer new APQP focus groups to provide a forum for Quality managers and Engineers to discuss issues and benchmark resolutions to common industry challenges!
Vincotte and QA Assistant Announce Partnership Providing Customers with Complimenting Quality Tools
Vincotte and QA Assistant today announced an integration between the two organizations to offer a complete quality solution for top design and manufacturing organizations worldwide.
QA Assistant Announces ISO/IEC 27001 Compliance!
The tools and procedures required for ISO/IEC 27001 compliance have actually been implemented for...
QA Assistant Starts RSS Communications!
To compliment the effectiveness and efficiency of our software, we have started RSS communications!
21 Free!
Free demonstration license to facilitate your software selection process.
IT Sligo Announces Quality Software Partnership
Learn how students will use our FMEA Software as part of the curriculum for 2009-2010!
Most Recent Release Info!
Read about some of the newest additions to our already impressive toolset!
FMEA Software Makeover
If you think our previous FMEA software was good, wait until you see the new release!
APQP Software Giveaway
Yamaha Motors receives membership to Assistant Studio™
Europe Recognizes QA Assistant™'s New Development Plan Potential
Read how this prestigeous recognition helps you!
QA Assistant™ Joins NAA
Bently, General Motors, and Jaguar Land Rover are among the high-quality companies listed with QA Assistant™ in the 2008 Edition of Northwest Automotive Alliance 'A Guide to North West Automotive Companies and their Capabilities'.
QA Assistant™ Software is the Best Investment
You do not have to spend a lot of time or money to benefit from the best dedicated quality systems software!
The Essence of Continuous Improvement
"FMEA", "Control Plans", and "APQP" are heavy hitters when it comes to supplying quality parts in competitive markets. With proper planning, meeting your customers' requirements and improving your processes while increasing revenue is quite simple.
AIAG FMEA-4 Released!
The 4th Edition FMEA manual from Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) has finally been released! If you're not sure what all the excitement is about, this article may provide insight into a useful tool.
What proactive FMEAs can do for you!
Too often, companies learn about the existence of FMEAs (Failure Modes Effects Analysis) reactively through their customers' requests. This article explains some of the benefits of a proactive approach to FMEA studies.
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