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Introducing the QA Assistant Studio™ Tablet!
[Published: 18 January 2014]

It's here! Introducing the QA Assistant Studio™ Tablet - a ready-to-use, stand-alone version of QA Assistant Studio™ that's portable!

QA Assistant Studio™ Tablet on Microsoft Surface 2

The new QA Assistant Studio™ Tablet™ is a fully-enabled Corporate Edition QA Assistant Studio™ software which comes pre-installed on a new Microsoft® Surface 2 device. It literally puts the power of QA Assistant Studio™ in the palm of your hand!

Take it to meetings, on customer visits, or surprise your manager with it during his lunch break! It's lightweight, portable, and has all the tools of our fully-enabled Corporate Edition.

The new QA Assistant Studio™ Tablet enables you to:

  • Quickly create Design FMEAs, Process FMEAs, Control Plans, Process Flows, Build + Sync™ Documents, Project Plans, and more!
  • Easily share information and knowledge with your colleagues
  • Import existing Excel® or Open Office™ spreadsheet files
  • Set & send email reminders for open actions
  • Run fully customized reports
  • Send documents through approval workflows
  • And more!

The QA Assistant Studio™ Tablet is:

  • Pre-installed so you're up and running instantly
  • Ideal for small groups of 1 - 10 contributors
  • Local storage for files without requiring a server
  • Flexible, portable, and scalable!

Select one of 3 solutions for your team:

  1. QA Assistant Studio™ GlobalNetwork Edition™: Online subscription to QA Assistant Studio™, no installation required, access anywhere, free upgrades!
  2. QA Assistant Studio™ Corporate Edition™: Local network version of QA Assistant Studio™, no mandatory maintenance fee, local installation & data management!
  3. New! QA Assistant Studio™ Tablet™: QA Assistant Studio™ pre-installed on a new Microsoft® Surface 2 tablet, no installation required, no mandatory maintenance fee, portable!

QA Assistant Studio™ is available for you to try for free for 30 days. Click the button below to request your free trial today!

We're here to help. Contact us today or get started by requesting a free trial.
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