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QA Assistant™ Security Measures
[Published: May 2008]

We have taken many precautions to ensure our clients receive the best protection against fraudulent use of our products and services. The security measures in place are very similar to what you may find on internet banking sites.

User Authentication
Each user signs into our software using his/her company email address and a password which has been encrypted and stored in our database for verification. If a user's password is lost, the user may request a new password which is randomly generated and sent to that same user through his/her email address which was previously stored in our system. While using our software, a user's information is verified using server-side authentication techniques as added security measures.

Programming in Security
Using server-side algorithms, every button click, data entry submission, and page viewing request is treated as a threat even before a page loads or an action is taken. Our applications check user information versus the action requested to ensure the user has visibility and permissions to make such a request given the other circumstantial variables provided and tracked.

Legit hacking attempts are regarded as very serious infractions. In the event of a hacking attempt, measures are in place to immediately prevent repeated attacks by the same user (Global Network Edition only) and immediate notifications are sent to QA Assistant personnel.

Physical Security (Global Network Edition)
Our data is secured on servers maintained at SAVVIS data center in Boston, MA. This facility offers the following security measures:
+ Advanced smoke detection and fire suppression systems
+ 24/7 secured access with motion sensors, video surveillance and security breach alarms
+ Hand scanner used for access.
+ Servers are kept in cabinets within fenced "cages"
+ Raised floors
+ Climate control systems with separate cooling zones
+ Seismically braced racks

Reliability And Performance (Global Network Edition)
+ Server Uptime: 99.977%
+ A redundant network of multiple fiber trunks from multiple sources
+ Redundant power on the premises
+ Multiple backup generators

Firewalls, etc. (Global Network Edition)
To guard against today's vast and complex attacks and to protect sensitive business information from being compromised, a comprehensive suite of Security Utility Services are implemented and maintained by SAVVIS for QA Assistant. "The SAVVIS Security Utility leverages "in the cloud" security components, such as innetwork firewalling, network-based DDoS mitigation and worm attack mitigation for Wide Area Networks (WANs), as well as virtualized security components, such as hosted firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Centrally managed by SAVVIS, the utility security services allow for automatic technology refreshes, as new IT threats emerge and security solutions evolve over time." In addition, our servers are running suEXEC -- a sercurity leader for shared apache servers.

Data Encryption (Global Network Edition)
SSL 3.0, RC4 with 128 bit encryption (High) and RSA with 1024 bit exchange is employed to ensure privacy and security to our clients while they are using QA Assistant products and services.

Server Back-ups (Global Network Edition)
Our servers are backed up at least once per day, 7 days per week. If we are upgrading our systems, a back-up is made prior to the update as well.

Testimonials (Global Network Edition)
Our servers share the same location, backbone, and infrastructure as large internet companies including Lycos Mail, Tripod, the websites of the magazines CIO and CSO.

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