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Project File Manager + Project Dashboard + Gantt Charts + Action Reporting

Project Assistant

Essential project components

  • Project Dashboard

    A centralized view of project essentials
  • Documents

    Manage QA Assistant Studio MAX files or upload your own
  • Photos & Images

    View project images in an intuitive carousel
  • Gantt Charts

    Interactive overview of all FMEA actions and scheduled activities for this project
  • Customers & Vendors

    List customers and manage qualified vendors
  • Access Control

    Set permissions to control access for teams and customers
  • Team Workload

    Monitor people's progress and balance workloads
  • Project Information

    Record key project information
  • Curated Reports

    Project-relevant results are automatically filtered from any standard or custom report

Project Dashboard

Project Tree Hierarchy

Optimize project organization

Organize projects within a hierarchical tree structure in QA Assistant Studio MAX.

Navigate seamlessly through interconnected projects and resources, maximizing efficiency and ensuring smooth project coordination for enhanced productivity.

Project Tree Hierarchy

Gantt Charts

Efficiently plan and monitor progress

  • Create Tasks

    Create, schedule and assign actions and milestones
  • Visual Timeline

    Drag and drop Gantt bars to quickly arrange tasks
  • Group Related Tasks

    Organize tasks and fold/unfold sections to focus discussions
  • Manage Dependencies

    Specify the relationships between tasks, indicating which tasks are dependent on others
  • Baseline Comparison

    Set target dates and compare them to actual progress
  • Customization

    Adjust the timescale, color-code tasks and groups, arrange task list columns, and sort to reorder by field content
Preview Gantt Charts (Summer 2024)

Gantt Charts

Uploading and Importing Documents

Upload, manage & attach files; Import & convert spreadsheets

  • Upload 3rd Party Documents

    Upload images, Word, Excel, CAD or other local files. Then control access and manage versions like any other QA Assistant Studio MAX file.
  • Import & Convert Excel files

    Import FMEA, Control Plans, Process Flows, and Manufacturing Quality Charts in spreadsheet form and easily convert them to native QA Assistant Studio MAX database files
  • Attach & Embed

    Files may be attached as references for other files. And images may be embedded directly in document bodies such as Work Instructions & FMEA studies

Upload & Import

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