Process FMEA Software

Mitigate risk and increase production yield


  • Document Access Permission-based Process FMEA access
  • Revision Control In-built, robust revision control system.
  • AI Knowledgebase Library Instant access to your entire organization's expertise and lessons learned
  • Risk Statistics View relevant Severity, Occurrence & Detection ranking statistics across all of your Process FMEA documents
  • Andon Color Coding Highlight risk thresholds for Severity, Occurrence, Detection and RPN values within your Process FMEA
  • Document Templates Choose your preferred document layout from 1,000s of templates
  • Classification Images Select from high-resolution SVG images for clarity
  • Synchronization Link fields within related APQP documents to each other
  • Embed Images Insert images into the body of your Process FMEA documents
  • Build+Sync™ Add entire sections of 'live' data to Process FMEA documents
  • Reference Documents Attach other documents, either native or 3rd party, as reference documents to your Process FMEA documents
  • Actions & Reminders Create actions & activities for individual fields, multiple fields, and at a Process FMEA document level
  • Email Reminders Schedule automated email reminders for Process FMEA actions
  • Reporting Tools Use Custom Reports to create highly detailed reports from your Process FMEA documents
  • Document Completion Check Perform a completion check in advance of finalizing your Process FMEA
  • Document History Log Automatic, highly detailed document history log including redline view lists every change made to your Process FMEA documents
  • Approval Workflows Send your Process FMEA through an automated tiered Approval Workflow

Standard Process FMEA "PFMEA" Software Template

Process FMEA ( Failure Mode Effects Analysis ) documents come in a variety of layouts. In fact, QA Assistant Studio MAX has more than 18,000 Process FMEA templates built in.

The above pFMEA example is a standard process fmea template used in a variety of industries and contains columns for Process Steps, Functions, Failure Modes, Potential Effects, Severity, Potential Cause, Occurrence, Current Process Prevention and Detection Controls, Detection ranking, and Risk Priority Number "RPN".

After the evaluating the Risk Priority Numbers, Recommended Actions may be identified to address high RPNs or other high-risk items. For each action, the Severity, Occurrence, and Detection ranking should be re-evaluated using the PFMEA document's risk criteria.

Process FMECA Software Template

Process FMECA ( Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis ) documents are similar to Process FMEA document with an emphasis on "Criticality".

The example FMECA above contains the Criticality "&grade;" column which automatically calculates the mathematical product of the Severity and Occurrence ranks for each row. QA Assistant Studio MAX includes a fully customizable criticality matrix which may be used to color-code the results in order to help identify high-risk process steps or to prioritize the FMECA actions.

Automotive Process FMEA Software Template

The AIAG & VDA FMEA Handbook recommended template includes an "Action Priority" field, which is not dissimilar to the General Motors "Priority Zones". The Action Priority field in this Process FMEA, like the Criticality field in the FMECA, gives emphasis to the severity and occurrence values. Unlike the Criticality field in the FMECA, the Action Priority field matrix also considers the Detection value in determining a "High", "Moderate" or "Low" priority ranking. The result may be used to evaluate action priorities.

The PFMEA example template above also includes a Classification field used to identify key characteristics or special customer process requirements. QA Assistant Studio MAX has many high-definition OEM characteristics symbols for you to choose from.