Link and Synchronize your documents with Link&Sync™

Link and synchronize process documents with QA Assistant Studio MAX Link&Sync

Visually link and easily synchronize information across your Process Flows, Process FMEA, Control Plans, Work Instructions, Manufacturing Quality Charts, and Design FMEA with Link&Sync™.

Everyone is talking about "document linkage" - where information in one process document is consistently mirrored across all related process documents. QA Assistant Studio MAX arguably offers the most flexible and complete linkage toolset on the planet!

Document Linkage

Link&Sync™ links and detects differences across related documents. Document owners and contributors may then approve the detected changes to one or more fields.

Promoting Performance / Production

At its core, QA Assistant Studio MAX is designed to streamline the engineering process. Link&Sync™ delivers on that premise, instantly comparing linked information and presenting pertinent options for correcting outliers.

With the optional preference set, you may enhance productivity by updating a field in multiple documents at once. For example, after adding a new process step to a process flow chart, select the Link&Sync™ option to add that process to the linked Process FMEA, Control Plan, and Work Instructions.

Advanced Flexibility

Link any field in your process documents to any other field in the same or a related document. For example, if a control is implemented several times, you'll only need to make one change and have it update all linked fields.

Don't want to link information? No problem. Exclude it from the Link&Sync audit. You can include the difference in the audit again later, if needed.