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Core Tools Features

Core Tools support AIAG / VDA, Medical Devices, Aerospace, & Consumer Product Design and Process

AIAG / VDA, Medical Devices, Aerospace, Consumer Products, & more


  • QA Assistant Studio MAX APQP software suite includes:

    • Design FMEA software ( dFMEA software )
    • Process Flow Chart software
    • Process FMEA software ( pFMEA software )
    • Process Control Plans software ( PCP )
    • Manfacturing Quality Chart software ( MQC )
    • Work Instructions software
    • Part Submission Warrant software ( PSW )
    • Gantt Charts / Action Plans software
    • PPAP Submissions software ( Production Part Approval Process )
    • APQP Project Management software
    • Custom Severity, Occurrence, Detection, Action Priority, & Criticality Tables
    • Fully Customizable Reports
  • Upload, manage, and integrate images, CAD, Excel, Word, and other 3rd party file types

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Document Control

Everything You Need for Access & Version Control

Audit Preparation: Easy

  • Permission-based account-level access per person
  • Permission-based document-level access per person
  • Document Version Control for Native & Uploaded Files
  • Document Completion Check
  • Detailed Document History Log
  • Redline Document Changes View
  • Tiered, Automated Approval Workflows

Smart Knowledgebase Library

Instantly leverage relevant Lessons Learned

Say Goodbye to Static Dropdown Menus. Say hello to Content-Aware Knowledgebase.

The QA Assistant Studio MAX dynamic library provides instant access to your entire organization's expertise and lessons learned.

The library grows as your team updates its documents with new information. The intelligent interface automatically processes your library and makes recommendations relative to your current document content - No need to manually populate or maintain a static knowledgebase. The results are automatically filtered in real time as you type and elegantly displayed for your one-click selection.

Relevant Severity, Occurrence, and Detection risk ranking statistics across all of your documents is available with the risk ranking tables.

Synchronize Information

Connect FMEA, Control Plan, Process Flow, PPAP, & Project Information

Live, Consistent Information

  • Link fields within related APQP documents to each other
  • Use Build+Sync™ to add entire sections of 'live' data to documents
  • Use correlated documents feature to quickly build related APQP documents
  • Automate synchronization for efficiency
  • Manage individual fields for complete control
  • Review detailed list of out-of-sync information
  • Synchronize inconsistent information with one click

Advanced Reporting

Fully customize, real-time, meaningful reports

Built-in Reports

  • Risk Reporting: Reports on RPN, AP, Severity, Occurrence, Detection, etc.
  • My Open Actions / Reminders: Personalized list of open actions
  • Pareto Analysis: With 12 built-in report views
  • Documents in Review: List of documents awaiting approvals

Fully Customized Reports

  • Create complex reports with highly-detailed, multi-tiered report criteria
  • Customize built-in reports easily
  • Refreshable for 'live' information in report results
  • Save report criteria as templates for reuse

APQP Project Planning

Plan, deploy & deliver APQP proccess seamlessly


  • Create actions and project milestones
  • Facilitate audit preparation by quickly identifying key personnel
  • Ensure correct documents are used in design and manufacturing by linking documents
  • Assign automated email reminders to actions


  • Visualize project timeline and status
  • Provide ownership and traceability for projects
  • Share information with interested parties through guest access
  • Obtain project approval through automatic Approval Workflows


  • Project Dashboard provides real-time status and summaries for all project documents
  • Report on open actions and identify potential delays
  • Create Custom Reports to extract specific information.
  • 'Nest' sub projects to produce an overall picture of the complete project.

Action Tracking

Real-time reports & email notices

In addition to FMEA actions, assign email reminders and alerts for nearly any native document field. QA Assistant Studio MAX will provide a robust follow up system by use of reporting tools AND automated email reminders.
  • CREATE actions & activities for an entire document, for individual fields or for multiple fields
  • ASSIGN these actions and activities to individual owners
  • SCHEDULE email reminders and alerts for open actions
  • REMIND with automated email notices and live reporting tools
  • REPORT on open actions, actions in progress and actions completed by filtering your own search criteria

Import & Export

Quickly download customer-ready reports


  • Upload 3rd Party Documents such as images, Word, Excel, CAD files
  • Access & Revision Control 3rd Party Documents
  • Import & Convert Excel files to QA Assistant Studio MAX database files
  • Embed uploaded images in document bodies such as Work Instructions & FMEA studies


  • Export Documents & Reports to PDF, Excel, OpenOffice Calc, HTML, & CSV
  • Convert image formats to PNG, GIF, JPEG, & PDF
  • Customize document header & add your company logo
  • Attach relevant files, tables, and supporting information