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Built-in Reports

QA Assistant Studio MAX offers a comprehensive suite of pre-configured reports, providing immediate access to essential insights.

These highly customizable reports, including RPN, Action Priority, Open Actions, PPAP Status, and more, empower teams to deliver results that meet diverse criteria efficiently.

View several Pareto graphs and tables for each FMEA analysis as well.

Built-in Reports

Custom Reports

Unlock the power of personalized insights. Tailor your reports to your exact needs with highly customizable, tiered criteria.

Don't settle for standard - create reports that truly reflect your objectives and drive success.

Custom Reports

Report Visualization

Create Your Dynamic Data Dashboard

  • Customizable Charts

    Tailor your dashboard with a variety of chart types
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface

    Easily arrange and organize charts to reflect your priorities
  • Multiple Data Source Integration

    Consolidate data from various documents into one dashboard
  • Instant Data Updates

    Stay informed with data refreshes for accurate insights
See Custom Report example

Report Visualization

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