QA Assistant Studio MAX

Technical Requirements


QA Assistant Studio MAX is an online software solution for creating, maintaining, controlling, approving, and collaborating on APQP documents. QA Assistant Studio utilizes the most current, stable technologies to deliver a modern user experience and amazing performance. Simply put, all that is required to use QA Assistant Studio is access to a modern web browser, internet connection, and your personalized account license credentials.

Connection Type

Short Answer: An internet connection similar to what is required to view an average web page is required to use QA Assistant Studio.
Factors to consider: The bandwidth and 'speed' of the connection required depends on the type of activity you intend to perform. QA Assistant Studio MAX code is optimized, it employs output buffering, and super fast SSD drives are used for the application and for all data storage; The application is efficient. Uploading, and downloading large images, for example, may require additional client resources.

Web browsers

Short Answer: Chrome 73+, Firefox 67+, Edge 17+, Opera 60+, iOS Safari 12+
More Detail: QA Assistant Studio MAX uses HTML5, CSS3, and ECMAScript6 for performance and aesthetics. So a modern, desktop web browser (last two stable versions), is recommended for best experience.


A device with a supported web browser and internet connection is the only hardware you'll need to access QA Assistant Studio. QA Assistant Studio and your files are served from dedicated servers at CenturyLink®, Boston MA. For more information, click here.

Accessing QA Assistant Studio MAX

To access the application, each person uses their own personalized access credentials to sign in to the application. Individual permissions may be limited or controlled at a software, company, user, and document level.

3rd Party Software (Optional)

QA Assistant Studio provides the opportunity to download certain files to PDF, Excel, OpenOffice Calc, HTML, or CSV. To view these files, appropriate software must be in place.


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