QA Assistant Studio™ Introducing Build+Sync!

Imagine being able to point and click to compile design FMEA , process FMEA , control plans, and process flow documents. Or updating a 'master' document and having it automatically update all documents which use that product or process. With the new QA Assistant Studio™ release, you no longer have to imagine!

Introducing Build + Sync™

The most recent QA Assistant Studio™ release now includes QA Assistant's Build + Sync™ technology, enabling you to create 'living' APQP documents quickly and accurately by simply pointing and clicking relevant products and processes to build the documents.

Build + Sync™ Time-saving Feature #1:

  1. You update one document for a component or process that is used in documents for hundreds of products
  2. You take an early lunch knowing QA Assistant Studio™ has just instantly updated all of the relevant documents which use that component or process!

Build + Sync™ Time-saving Feature #2:

  1. You click to select the process steps or components to use in a new or existing Build + Sync™ document
  2. You select your preferences to have the document automatically update when a change is made to any of those processes/components
  3. You take a longer afternoon break knowing QA Assistant Studio™ will keep your document accurate and up-to-date!

Build + Sync™ Time-saving Feature #3:

  1. You create a Build + Sync™ document for each customer who requires a document just for them
  2. Now, that probably only took you a few minutes and QA Assistant Studio™ will continuously keep those documents in sync and up-to-date. So now you have more time to plan what's most important to your weekends!

Other new features in this release
This release also includes other new features including additional search filters for instantly finding all documents which require your approval, additional review criteria in the automated document completion check, pagination of search results, and more!

Try it today!

If you are an existing GlobalNetwork Edition customer, these new features have already been installed for you! If you are not yet a member you are more than welcome to join the team! Make the first move today by requesting a free evaluation license for QA Assistant Studio™.