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Industry Standard

compliance for every application

  • Automotive

    AIAG / VDA FMEA Handbook 1st Edition, AIAG FMEA 4th Ed., AIAG FMEA 3rd Ed., SAE J1739
  • Aerospace

    SAE AS13004, MIL-STD-1629, NASA FAP-322-209
  • Medical Devices

    ISO 14971, FMECA with customizable Criticality Matrix
  • Consumer Products & Electronics

    All standards and traditional forms, adaptable to consumer and electronic devices
  • People & Systems

    Study the flow of people through processes (airports, hospitals, public events, etc)

Industry Standard

AI Knowledgebase Library

Instant access to Lessons Learned & consistent diction

Your private AI Knowledgebase Library instantly researches all of your documents and presents information related to the context of the document in work.

Automatic filtering and predictive text with keyboard shortcuts make creating the comprehensive document content extremely fast.

AI Knowledgebase Library


Use Documents as Building Blocks

Construct complete design and process documents using sub-assembly and sub-process documents as 'live' modular components in QA Assistant Studio MAX.

When updates are made to a sub-document, all documents incorporating that sub-document immediately reflect the changes, ensuring seamless, instantaneous updates across your entire system.

Easily generate related full process documents from each other using Build+Sync. For example, create the full process control plan from either the full process FMEA or full process flow chart in just a few clicks.


Linkage and Synchronization

Ensure Consistency Across Every Document

The Link&Sync tools in QA Assistant Studio MAX enable you to link and synchronize information across your Design FMEA, Process FMEA, Control Plans, Process Flows and Work Instructions.

Review the synchronization audit to quickly identify of out-of-sync information. Synchronize inconsistent information with a single click, applying consistent, clear messaging throughout your documents.

Improve your audit results today with Link&Sync

Learn more about Link&Sync

Linkage and Synchronization

Uploading and Importing Documents

Upload, manage & attach files; Import & convert spreadsheets

  • Upload 3rd Party Documents

    Upload images, Word, Excel, CAD or other local files. Then control access and manage versions like any other QA Assistant Studio MAX file.
  • Import & Convert Excel files

    Import FMEA, Control Plans, Process Flows, and Manufacturing Quality Charts in spreadsheet form and easily convert them to native QA Assistant Studio MAX database files
  • Attach & Embed

    Files may be attached as references for other files. And images may be embedded directly in document bodies such as Work Instructions & FMEA studies

Upload & Import

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