Complete Document Control. Everything.

File Manager + Access Control + Version Control + Approvals + Change History

User-Friendly File Manager

Organize & Manage files effortlessly

  • Familiar Interface

    Intuitive design and easy navigation
  • File Organization

    Ability to create, move, rename, and delete files and folders easily, with options for sorting and categorizing.
  • Search and Filtering

    Efficient search functionality to quickly locate files
  • File Transfer

    Smooth file transfer capabilities, including drag-and-drop functionality, both locally and across networks
  • Integration

    Seamless integration with other QA Assistant Studio MAX services
  • Security

    Robust security features, including encryption, password protection, and permission settings, to safeguard sensitive files and data
  • Version Control

    Support for version control and revision history
  • Performance

    Smooth performance, with fast loading times
  • Customization

    Options for customizing layouts, themes, and shortcuts
More than a standard File Explorer

Intuitive File Manager

Robust Version Control

Automate for Security and Efficiency

An intuitive document lifecycle means everyone on the same page - literally!
  • Editable version

    Prepare for upcoming changes without affecting existing versions
  • Approval Workflows

    Effortlessly obtain signatures with fully automated approval workflows
  • Production

    Easily identify the most recent, approved version of a document for production and audits
  • Archive Obsolete versions

    Retain previous versions of documents for audit compliance

Robust Version Control

Secure Access Control

File protection, compliance, ownership, productivity, and accessibility

Protect your intellectual property. Efficient document access control lets you assign roles and customizes permissions, ensuring security and promoting ownership. Uploaded files are automatically encrypted.

Secure Access Control

Automated Approval Workflow

Multi-level, assignable approval cycles

Automatically route documents efficiently through various approval stages, enhance accountability, and ensure compliance.

Reduce delays and maintain operational agility. No need to manage voting buttons - Once all approvals in the current group are received, approval requests are automatically sent to the approvers in the next tier until the document is finalized.

Automated Approval Workflow

Automatic Document History

Audit preparation is easy

  • Change log

    Every change is automatically recorded in the document history, including the date, time, author of the change, and before/after view of affected information.
  • Redline View

    Enhance clarity and efficiency in reviewing documents by visually highlighting changes between versions.

Automatic Document History

Uploading and Importing Documents

Upload, manage & attach files; Import & convert spreadsheets

  • Upload 3rd Party Documents

    Upload images, Word, Excel, CAD or other local files. Then control access and manage versions like any other QA Assistant Studio MAX file.
  • Import & Convert Excel files

    Import FMEA, Control Plans, Process Flows, and Manufacturing Quality Charts in spreadsheet form and easily convert them to native QA Assistant Studio MAX database files
  • Attach & Embed

    Files may be attached as references for other files. And images may be embedded directly in document bodies such as Work Instructions & FMEA studies

Upload & Import

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