What Suits You? Web Based V. Local Installation FMEA Software

Local vs Hosted FMEA Software

As the smartest of the smart Engineers you have chosen QA Assistant Studio software for your FMEA , Control Plan & APQP documents, the next decision is to decide on the version hosted on a QA Assistant server or on your local server. Here is a guideline to help decide which version best suits your company's needs.

Hosted Process Flow, Control Plan, and FMEA software (Global Network Edition)

  • Use Immediately With the Global Network Edition, you are ready to go immediately, no need to wait for IT to install software or purchase expensive hardware.
  • Automatic Daily Backups No need to worry about backups. All data is stored and backed up on the QA Assistant server. We use the renowned company Savvis Datacenter (a data retention facility whose customers include the US Dept of Defense and Homeland Security).
  • Upgrades / Updates At QA Assistant we are constantly evolving our FMEA software. With the hosted version, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are using the latest edition and technoloy. All upgrades and updates are included in the annual subscription.
  • Access from Any Location It is as it says, Global Network, you can access the software from any location where you have internet access. From the facility floor to the comfort of your home office. Or even when you're "on the move" from your iPad®, Blackberry® or tablet!

Local Installation Process Flow, Control Plan, and FMEA software (Corporate Edition)

  • Total Cost The price of the Corporate Edition is a total cost, there are no additional costs after the initial outlay unless you wish to purchase upgrades and updates. We also have special offers on including upgrades and updates in the price.
  • Customization All our software is developed in house and we offer a bespoke service for the Corporate Edition. Contact our sales department sales@QAassistant.com for further details and quotations to include your wish list.
  • Integration with Existing Data The Corporate Edition of QA Assistant Studio provides accessibility for extracting data which may then be imported into other systems your company has already installed -- such as an ERP system.

We at QA Assistant work closely with our customers in choosing the right solution for their APQP teams' requirements. We offer an excellent pre-sales and after sales service including a 30 day free trial and a live demonstration webinar.

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