Introducing Your New FMEA Software to the Team

So, you have now chosen the right FMEA software to manage your APQP documentation, the next step is to introduce it to the rest of the team. But how?

The most important thing is to get everyone who needs to use the software, to actually use it. The benefits will only be realised when all members of the team embrace and utilise the software and move away from in the inefficiencies of the previous method.

Introducing FMEA software to your team

Team Leader

As discussed in a previous article 'Choosing the Right FMEA Software' it is important to appoint a team leader who will take ownership of the project. This person should have a good overall knowledge of the software and have a plan to carry out training.

Team Buy-in

Team buy-in is an absolute must for successful implementation of any FMEA software. Change in any form can be difficult to execute, your team needs to be fully briefed on the why, what, who, where and how. Why the new software is being introduced, what type of software it is, who will be using it, which departments and how it will be introduced. The user will be fully aware that the selected FMEA software will save time and enhance their productivity.

User Comfort Level

Once you have your team on board, the next important step is to ensure that all users are comfortable using the new FMEA software, know what it is capable of and how long it will take to be trained. All feedback should be actively encouraged, positive and negative. Any negative feedback needs to be acknowledged and addressed immediately.


A realistic training schedule needs to be drawn up in consultation with team members. Set the training dates and stick to them as far as possible, your team will understand the benefits of short term pain for long term gain! Your FMEA software vendor will support training, usually by training webinar and general support.

Talk to your Vendor

You have selected a vendor with whom you have a good working relationship, right? Good, then this vendor will be an invaluable source of help and information during the implementation stage. They will have been through this process numerous times with other companies, just like yours. They will understand the frustrations and pitfalls that can occur. Lean on them.

The QA Assistant Studio™ Solution

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