QA Assistant Studio™ TV goes Live!

QA Assistant Studio™ announces the launch of QA Assistant TV Channel, which contains a suite of free training videos for handling your FMEA, APQP & Control Plan documents.

At QA Assistant, we have earned a reputation for providing fast, powerful, intuitive FMEA, Control Plan & APQP software that is easy to use. We are been providing our customers a number of resources to facilitate ease of learning: online User Guides, Searchable Index, training webinars and email support. QA Assistant Studio™ TV Now with the launch of QA Assistant TV Channel! training and learning has been taken to a new level to ensure that you get the most out of your FMEA, Control Plan & APQP documents.

With our TV Channel, QA Assistant step by step training videos are Free! and available 24/7. No premium support packages are needed. Find the information you need, when you need it, wherever you are and if you are not completely sure re-wind and view the training video again!

QA Assistant TV Channel takes you through an overall view of QA Assistant Studio™ followed by an in-depth look at topics such as Project Planning, Project Explorer Structure, Importing Documents, Finalizing Document Revisions, Reporting and more.

You will also find handy user tips such as Adding Users, Exporting Documents to PDF or Excel, Changing Your Document Template, Changing Revision Letters & Numbers, Adding Customized Header Fields & Labels, in fact all the tips needed to make QA Assistant Studio™ work your way.

Finally, we take you through advanced features of QA Assistant Studio™ by providing examples and explanation for Synchronizing Process Documents and creating, launching and managing Approval Workflows.

Whether you're new to QA Assistant Studio™, ready for advanced feature training or want to find out more about those handy tips ...Log on today using your QA Assistant Studio™ username and password. You can also access QA Assistant TV under 'Help' when you are logged in to your Studio account.

Start Using QA Assistant Studio™ TV Channel