QA Assistant announces its forthcoming release -- QA Assistant Studio Flex™

QA Assistant directors today officially announced that a completely new QA Assistant Studio™ product is in development.

QA Assistant Studio Flex™ APQP Software

QA Assistant Studio Flex™ is set to be the most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use APQP Software suite the company has ever created. The software boasts a brand new, super-fast interface -- enabling you to easily create effective Design FMEA , Process FMEA , Process Control Plans , Process Flow Charts , Work Instructions , Test Reports , and other Advanced Product Quality Planning ( APQP ) documents.

The new APQP software builds from the success of existing QA Assistant Studio™ features ( such as the dynamic knowledgebase library which automatically searches all of your documents and presents you with information to help complete your current project ), and adds new functionality and enhanced capabilities ( such as completing Failure Mode Effects Analysis [ FMEA ] studies one cell, row, or even whole document at a time).

Over the next few articles, we'll be looking at some of the new features and capabilities of QA Assistant Studio Flex™ in advance of its release.

QA Assistant Studio Flex™ Power & Performance

Technology has advanced significantly over the past five years and the new QA Assistant Studio Flex™ takes full advantage as demonstrated by its incredible power and performance.

"QA Assistant Studio Flex™ is extremely fast. And it is able to search, filter, and deliver the information you need with more detail than ever before," says QA Assistant Director of Engeering. "We have completely re-engineered the product, prioritizing customer requests, user feedback, and our own experiences -- and the qualitative results are impressive!"

Consider a scenario when you need to update a process. In the new QA Assistant Studio Flex™ you may be able to update all related FMEA documents, Control Plans, Work Instructions, Process Flows, and other APQP documents just by updating the process in just one (1) of those documents.

Or imagine you would like to research across all of your company's FMEA documents to find each process which uses a specific control. Or maybe you would like to save time 'brainstorming' by using a library that's smart enough and fast enough to search all of your company's processes and control plans and present information relevant to the specific machine you are documenting. The new QA Assistant Studio Flex™ can do that all in the blink of an eye!

QA Assistant Studio Flex™ Flexibility

The new QA Assistant Studio Flex™ software is designed for 'flexibility'. We understand that our APQP software may be used by people with different responsibilities, interests and priorities. QA Assistant Studio Flex™ enables each person to view information in a format specific to that person's needs.

The new QA Assistant Studio Flex™ is flexible enough to meet the needs ( and 'wish lists' ) of nearly all teams in a variety of industries including Automotive, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Military, Aerospace, Patient Care, Consumer Products, and other industries which use the APQP process.

Although the flexibility of the information processing provides nearly endless opportunities, the simplicity of the user interface makes the new QA Assistant Studio Flex™ incredibly easy for even a first-time user to confidently control.

QA Assistant Studio Flex™ Enhanced APQP Software

Design FMEA, Process FMEA, Control Plan, Process Flow Chart, Work Instructions, Test Reports, Customer Input Requirements, Design Verification Plan & Report, Drawings and Specifications, Sourcing Decision, Team Feasibility Commitment, Part Submission Warrant, and other APQP documents and activities are supported by the new QA Assistant Studio Flex™.

In addition to the new document support, the QA Assistant Studio Flex™ also has improved capability over synchronizing the information between documents and the ability to create 'views' specific to each team member's needs.

Would you like an evaluation license for the current QA Assistant Studio™ software?

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