QA Assistant Studio™ 1 Release Date: 12 December 2011

The newest version of QA Assistant Studio™ to be developed has a scheduled release date of 12 December 2011.

QA Assistant Studio™ APQP Software

QA Assistant Studio™ already comes standard with the tools you need for effective Design FMEA , Process FMEA , Process Control Plans , Process Flow Charts , and other APQP activities.

QA Assistant Studio™ invests more than 50% of its resources into the development of new features and product improvements, enabling us to upgrade our GlobalNetwork Edition several times each year. The 4th release for 2011 includes many customer-suggested features as well as other improvements on our development roadmap.

Special pricing is available in advance of the new release with prices from €29 / $39 USD per month for the online version ( GlobalNetwork Edition ) or €2950 / $3975 USD for 3 perpetual, lifetime licenses for the local installation version ( Corporate Edition ). Contact QA Assistant Sales for more information.

Just Some of the Improvements Scheduled for Autumn 2011 Release

More than 50 FMEA document templates enable you to quickly create documents which suit your industry, organization, and team needs
21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signatures and independent Validation Certificates for FDA compliance
Spanish language software interface
Project Assistant dashboards graph the status of actions and documents for each project
Enhanced Synchronization of information ensures consistency of information across Process Flow, Control Plan, and pFMEA documents and in 'master' document relationships
Recycle Bin and Audit Log for deleted documents provide added protection against accidents and preserves data integrity
Ability to set document 'expiration' dates and send email reminders to appropriate personnel in advance of those dates
Copy and Paste project planning actions and templates to quickly set up new project or APQP workflows
New personalize and customize settings allow you to focus even more on the information which is most important to you and your team
Enhanced export options enable complete control over document output
Additional control and personalization of frequent report views
Improved database and software performance for faster querying, calculations, and reporting
New Company Access Codes enable your organization's employees to self-register and join your team
Improved Email reminder format now includes easy-to-read table view of all open actions
Additional options for the Project Explorer make it even easier to organize your information
and more time saving features!

4 QA Assistant Studio™ Upgrades in 2011

QA Assistant employs a continuous improvement plan for our products and services. We set out an aggressive timeline and work to meet challenging schedules. We are constantly in development, exploring new functionality, and working to meet the dynamic needs of our ever-growing customer base. In fact, the forthcoming release is our 4th for QA Assistant Studio™ in 2011!

Looking Ahead...

2012 is shaping up to be another promising year with another multi-product, feature-rich roadmap ahead of us. With the special offers now on, there has never been a better time to purchase your QA Assistant Studio™ license!