Northridge Management Services Offers QA Assistant Studio™ to Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Clients for Risk Management

QA Assistant directors today announced Northridge Management Services as an authorised representative for QA Assistant Studio™ in Ireland.

Northridge Management Services - Ireland

Northridge Management Services provide services in the areas of Risk Management, Quality Systems, and Validation to the Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Industries in Ireland.

At today's meeting, Josh Loiselle (QA Assistant Director of Engineering) commented "We have been working closely with Northridge developing the FDA-compliant side of our software for a couple of years now...In addition to exhibiting a comprehensive understanding and working knowledge of ISO 13485, 21 CFR 11, and ISO 14001, Northridge also appreciate the advantages of performing risk analysis studies correctly and the benefits QA Assistant Studio™ will offer their clients in this space."

About Northridge Management Services

Northridge Management Services was established by John Lafferty in 2003. Originally known as John Lafferty and Associates the organisation was formed with the intention of supplying Life Sciences companies in Ireland and Europe with an improved quality of service in the areas of Validation, Risk Management and Quality Management Systems.

Northridge utilises a pool of qualified, experienced personnel from the Life Sciences community in Ireland to provide companies with the expertise and experience required to meet their objectives.

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