The new Project Assistant is coming!

The QA Assistant Studio™ roadmap into 2011 is packed with great features and improvements! The Project Assistant™ is one of the areas being upgraded. Learn about how your team may benefit from the new APQP features and functionality here!

New, Flexible Project Explorer

QA Assistant Studio™ Project Explorer

The new project explorer allows you to quickly and easily define project and product hierarchies -- allowing you to effectively and efficiently group related products and manage key project information.

Projects will be able to be grouped by Organizational Division, Product Families, Products, Customer-specific Products, and general Projects. As your organizational needs change, you may quickly adapt the hierarchy by simply dragging and dropping at any level.

QA Assistant FileShare™

Have you ever needed to share your project information with a colleague or customer? QA Assistant FileShare™ enables you to easily share your project information and FMEA , Control Plan, and Process Flow document summaries with your colleagues and customers even if they do not have a QA Assistant Studio™ license!

Here's how it works: You simply enter your colleague or customer's information for reference, select which modules and/or documents you would like to share, and click to add the colleague or customer. An email is automatically sent to your contact with a link and access code to that project where they'll be able to access the specified live data and information. It's as easy as that!

Inheriting Privileges and Documents

QA Assistant Studio™ Project Assistant Teams

We frequently upgrade our software based on customer suggestions. Recently a customer requested functionality which would allow information to be "inherited" from parent projects in the hierarchy. We thought it was a great idea so the new Project Assistant™ allows both team privileges and linked documents to be "inherited" from parent projects, if desired.

This new functionality will allow you to specify a team, for example, responsible for a product family and provide those teammates with the appropriate privileges for the relevant products within that family without having to re-specify the privileges for each product.

Inheriting documents will allow you to set high-level FMEA , Control Plan, and Process Flow documents and have them accessible from an individual project level.