What is in development?

The QA Assistant Studio™ roadmap into 2011 is packed with great features and ideas! This article provides a bit of insight into what we can expect from QA Assistant Studio™ in just the next few months!

Approval Loops

With FDA 21CFR11-compliant approval loops set to make their debut shortly, our QA Assistant Studio™ revision control system will be complete. The approval loop feature will allow you to select members of your team to review and approve your FMEA , Control Plan , Process Flow , and other APQP documents. The system stores the approvals and watermarks your PDF documents when exported. Auditing, compliance verification, and tracking the document through the approval loop will be easy!

Overhauled Project Assistant™

QA Assistant APQP Software Structure!

The Project Assistant™ is set for a full facelift. We are changing the architecture of the Project Assistant's back-end to enable greater flexibility, cross-referencing, and to facilitate more features!

One of the new features being introduced is Meeting Minutes. Our QA Assistant Studio™ software will automate many of the tedious tasks of maintaining meeting minutes while offering the benefits of being integrated with the same database driving your APQP documentation.

More Flexible Synchronization Management

The ability to synchronize your FMEA , Control Plan , and Process Flow documents was introduced in our Fall 2010 release. In upcoming releases of the software, the synchronization functionality will be enhanced to deliver additional flexibility for synchronizing documents.

Have an Idea?

Our developers are hard at work developing new features and functionality for you, our valued customers!

If there are any features that would make your life easier, we'd like to hear about them. Please contact us today to discuss how we may be able to help you and your team!