QA Assistant Studio™ Fall 2010 Release Features Announced!

QA Assistant engineers today announced the new feature set for the Fall 2010 release! QA Assistant Studio™, the web-based APQP document creation tool, which already facilitates the easy creation and maintenance of Design FMEA , Process FMEA , Control Plan , Process Flow , and PSW ( Warrant ) documents, will be enhanced within the next few weeks with new features designed to provide the most benefit for your team.

QA Assistant APQP Document Synchronization

Ensuring the information across multiple documents is kept in sync is set to be very easy in the new release! "Building" one document from another (i.e. creating a pFMEA from a Control Plan) is already an easy task using the "Build From" functionality in QA Assistant Studio™™. When creating one document from another, an option to synchronize the documents will be available. When this option is selected, making a change in one of the documents will prompt the team when a change is to be made in the other document. The team would then have the option to accept or decline this change. See the article here for details!

Custom Reports & New Graphs

Create advanced queries to identify outliers, inconsistencies, and other metrics from your documents. Any combination of columns and calculations from your Design FMEA , Process FMEA , Process Flows, and Control Plans may be stored to save you time running future reports. QA Assistant Studio™ will also include the module to graph a variety of risk trends over time to track your products and process improvements. Identifying the data your team needs has never been easier!

More Flexible Classification Management

The classification management system has been upgraded to improve the creation and accessibility of Classification images, text, and definitions. Importing classification lists from other documents is available as part of this release to help save you time when working on multiple documents for a product or process.

New Multi-lingual Features

Do you speak English? ¿Habla español? Parli italiano? No problem! The QA Assistant Studio™ interface is now available in five (5) different languages!

For companies with a need for multiple translations of documents, QA Assistant Studio™ now comes with a Translation Manager tool where controlled documents may be viewed and exported in multiple languages!

Independent Software Validation

Independent Software Validation

QA Assistant Studio™ Validation Certificates are available for the upcoming QA Assistant Studio™™ release. Our dFMEA, pFMEA, Control Plan, and Process Flow software will be independently validated to ensure we continue to provide the very best service in the industry to our customers. See the article here for details!

Additional Benefits

Other new features included in the forthcoming QA Assistant Studio™ Fall 2010 release include Live Risk Statistics and Launching Web Conferences from within the application.

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