New APQP Software Functionality Announced!

QA Assistant software team today announced some of the new features available in this Quarter's release -- including an innovative approach to traditional functionality being added to the toolset! QA Assistant Studio™'s FMEA Software , Control Plan Software , and Process Flow software will include the following features as of 17 May 2010.

Advanced Undo / Redo feature!

QA Assistant Studio™'s new Advanced Undo / Redo feature saves all changes made to a document and enables corrections to be made even if a document was closed since those changes were made!

QA Assistant Studio™ -- APQP Software

Ever want to "undo" a change made to a document? Of course. But what if the changes had been made during a previous meeting and the document had been closed? Or what if the change was made by another member of your team? In traditional software, the "undo" and "redo" features only work for the most recent changes made to a documeent since the last time it was opened. But in QA Assistant Studio™, all changes are accessible since the revision's creation.

All changes to the document are kept up-to-date and listed in the change log kept with each revision of the document.

New Change Log with Summary!

The QA Assistant Studio™ change log has expanded to include a list of all changes made to the FMEA , Control Plan , or Process Flow. This list details the revision, date, person responsible for the change, and a summary of the change. The change log is available in all 5 of QA Assistant Studio™'s current regional language selection.

Custom Header Fields!

Would you like to add new fields to the header of your document? The new release allows you to add as many custom fields to the document headers as needed to allow you to meet the demands of your customers, your industries, and your team. These custom headers may also be included when exporting the document to PDF or Microsoft® Excel®.

We've made a few more improvements, as well. But you'll have to log on to the software to see for yourself. Try QA Assistant Studio™ for Free today!