How much are your APQP documents costing you?

When creating APQP documents with spreadsheet software do you constantly feel you are wasting too much time on administrative tasks? On average, companies who use APQP documenation spend more than $50,000 annually on the documentation alone!1 Our savings calculator calculates exactly how much money your organization is currently spending on this documentation. The facts and figures speak for themselves.

QA Assistant Studio™ -- Save Time and Money

QA Assistant Studio™ includes dedicated, easy-to-use, and interlinked FMEA software, Control Plan software, Process Flow software, and Project Planning software designed to remove the tedious tasks associated with these documents and enable you to focus on actual engineering of product and process improvements.

To find out how much you will save by implementing QA Assistant Studio™ click here. Below are just 5 of the ways in which QA Assistant Studio™ delivers the savings claimed in the calculator.

1. Automatic Formatting and calculations --With QA Assistant Studio™ there is no time wasted on formatting. Borders for rows and columns are created and span across the other cells appropriately and automatically. Our FMEA software also performs all calculations to ensure risks are properly analyzed.

2. Researching Lessons Learned --QA Assistant Studio™ includes a library that builds as you create new documents and automatically reviews document data such as a "process step" and presents a list of previous "failure modes" for that step. This prevents you from wasting time manually searching through documents to research previous lessons learned. It also facilitates "brain storming".

Using the library also helps ensure consistent language is used throughout your documents - enabling you to identify all documents which contain key terms in particular fields (i.e. identify all documents which include a particular process step or failure in order to address an issue or understand the scope of a particular failure) in the advanced reports.

3. Document Management and Control --QA Assistant Studio™ has a built-in revision control system which allows you to easily control document revisions, ensure appropriate read and write privileges for your team members, review document history, and quickly determine your most recent documents.

To help keep related documents together QA Assistant Studio™ has a built in Project Assistant. This provides an easy way of linking documents to appropriate part/process numbers and to identify all applicable FMEA , Control Plan , Process Flow , and PSW warrants for particular products.

4. Web-based --Because our software is web-based, it may be accessed using any popular web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc) which means your team may be up and running instantly and without having to download or install any special software. Also, because QA Assistant Studio™ is web-based, all controlled FMEA , Control Plan , Process Flow , and PSW documents are kept in one central location, making them easily accessible to the entire team.

5. Email Reminders --Our FMEA software, Control Plan software, and Process Flow software include email reminder capability which enables you to assign "sticky note" reminders to action owners and helps maintain the pace of the document in team-based studies. Because users are provided with individual log-on credentials, it is easy to specify the action owners and action owners may then, also, create reports relevant to their own personal teams and actions.

You don't have to take our word for it. We are happy to let our customers speak for us. Click here for a testimonial from one of our automotive customers.

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1 Study conducted from September 2009 through February 2010 by QA Assistant LLC accross 400 companies who had not previously been using QA Assistant software.