Synchronization announced for next QA Assistant Studio™ release!

QA Assistant software team today announced that synchronization will be part of the next release of our highly-acclaimed dFMEA , pFMEA , Control Plan , and Process Flow software -- QA Assistant Studio™!

What is synchronization?

Information in FMEA documents, Control Plan documents, and Process Flow documents must be consistent. It is also necessary to update this information on a regular basis. Ensuring the information is updated in all related documents correctly and completely has historically been a time-consuming task -- that is, until now!

QA Assistant Studio™ - APQP Document Synchronization

With the introduction of the new Synchronization feature in QA Assistant Studio™, ensuring information across multiple documents and revisions is consistent will be easy!

How does it work?

"Building" one document from another (i.e. creating a pFMEA from a Control Plan) is already an easy task using the "Build From" functionality in QA Assistant Studio™. When creating one document from another, an option to synchronize the documents will be available. When this option is selected, making a change in one of the documents will prompt the team when a change is to be made in the other document. The team would then have the option to accept or decline this change.

Revision controlled?

Of course accepting or declining a change is logged in the document's history and, at any time, the team may use the undo button to step back through the history and make adjustments as necessary.

Other improvements are scheduled for this next release, as well. But you'll have to log on to the software to see for yourself. Try QA Assistant Studio™ for Free today!