How to Obtain Your Boss's Approval for Purchasing QA Assistant Studio APQP Software

Presenting QA Assistant Studio to Management

When you first seek approval from your boss for purchasing QA Assistant Studio APQP software, the 2 most likely questions will be:

  • How much will it cost?
  • How will this benefit our business?

We are happy to help you provide the answers to these questions. Our friendly experienced customer service team will take you through a step by step approach for gathering information on QA Assistant Studio™ and presenting this to your boss and other decision makers.

We will show you how QA Assistant Studio™ will save time and money on FMEA documentation preparation, by offering a free trial, live webinar, presentation, slides, whatever you need!

The Initial Process

  • 30 Day Free Trial: We offer a free 30 day free trial to facilitate the ease of evaluation. You and your colleagues will be granted access to our GlobalNetwork Edition software which does not require any installation. Create APQP documents and projects, share information with your colleagues, export your reports, and much more!
  • Online Demonstration Videos: Unlimited 24/7 access to the complete series of training videos for QA Assistant Studio™ is included with all QA Assistant Studio™ trials for everyone on your team to benefit.
  • One to One Consultation: From the initial contact with QA Assistant LLC, you will be assigned an Account Manager who will discuss your requirements in detail and offer any assistance required during the evaluation period.

The Financials

  • Tailored Quotations: Once we have an understanding of your needs we will offer quotations based on your requirements. We can also provide various payment options to suit your budget.
  • Return on Investment Guide: We will help you quantify a return on investment and also help provide an understanding of the costs involved in not using QA Assistant Studio™.

The Technical Part

  • Technical Requirements: Our team will provide your IT group with the technical requirements and offer information on the security aspect of QA Assistant Studio™. We are also available to answer any other questions they may have.

Presenting the Case

  • Live Webinar: Our live webinar will provide an opportunity for your boss, members of your team(s), management and IT to gain an understanding of the capabilities of QA Assistant Studio™. This webinar normally lasts one hour and includes a question and answer session.
  • Professional Slides & Presentations: We will provide requested information in advance of your meetings – professional slides and presentations tailored to meet the needs of (and possibly even impress!) your boss.

Contact us today at, we’re here to assist!