Project planning with QA Assistant Studio

Project planning with QA Assistant Studio

APQP activities involve a substantial amount of planning. The key element is to create a 'living' plan over the course of the project and consider goals, milestones, deliverables and risks. This is an example step by step guideline.

Use Reporting Tools to Create Meaningful Reports on Your Live Data:

  1. Identify the Stakeholders: The stakeholders will be anyone who is affected by the scope of your project and will include your customers and their customers. Consider the stakeholders requirements and benefits.
  2. Define Project Milestones & Prioritize: Project milestones can include Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) activities, dFMEA, pFMEA, Control Plan due dates, prototype runs, and plans for audits and customer visits.
  3. Consider Deliverables: Consider the deliverables necessary to complete the project and set milestones for each deadline.
  4. Create the Planning Schedule: Use the deliverables as guidelines to define the tasks. For each task identify, resources necessary, responsibility, amount of time and dependencies. Involve the team in this process. Enter milestones, deliverables and dependencies in a Gantt Chart. This will give a clear overall picture of the project.
  5. Complete a Risk Assessment: Insofar as possible pre-empt possible risks or issues. Plan to eliminate or mitigate these risks.
  6. Present the Plan to the Stakeholders: Present the plan to the stakeholders and request feedback to ensure that everyone is clear on what is expected.

QA Assistant Studio's Project Planning Assistant makes it possible to successfully plan your project, set deadlines, ensure milestones are being met and allocate responsibility for APQP project steps.

Using QA Assistant Studio, you will be able to:

  • Create actions and milestones under Task Title
  • Assign actions and milestone responsibility to one or more people
  • Set target start and end dates for each action and milestone. Record actual start and end dates. The Gantt Chart will be automatically created allowing you to visualise the timelines across the entire project.

With the additional QA Assistant Studio tools you can:

  • Immediately identify an action status using the Andon (traffic light) indicators.
  • Use the color coded markers to categorize actions.
  • Update timelines by using drag and drop in the Gantt Chart
  • View the actions and milestone status in real-time.
  • Use this List as a template for creating other projects.

Using QA Assistant Studio will provide you with the tools necessary for successful project planning. If you don't already have a license, why not apply for a 30 Day Free Trial.

Try QA Assistant Studio and see how you can get more from your Project Planning!