Welcome to QA Assistant Studio MAX

The new QA Assistant Studio MAX transcends our highly-acclaimed legacy software with superior performance, a plethora of new time-saving features, and an unmatched user interface.

This page is only the tip of the iceburg for what's new in QA Assistant Studio MAX.


12000+ New Document Templates
Seamlessly Manage Native & External File Formats
Document History with Redline Comparison View
Advanced Project Assistant Dashboard and Features
Easy to Manage Synchronized Information

New Features

In addition to an incredible boost in performance, QA Assistant Studio MAX contains many new features. We've listed some of them below:

  • 12,000+ New Document Templates

    Thousands of new document templates available, including new documents such as Work Instructions and additional fields such as GM Priority Zones, images, Poka Yoke, SxO and criticality for FMEA and Control Plans
  • Andon Color Coding

    Andon System allows you to highlight risk thresholds for Severity, Occurrence, Detection and RPN values within your FMEA document.
  • Approval Workflows

    Approval Workflows are now revision controlled, access controlled, and permit multiple signatures per approval field
  • Attachments

    Upload external files or specify native QA Assistant files as reference documents
  • Classification Images

    Select from new high-resolution SVG images for clarity, or add information directly to the document. Re-order class fields as required.
  • Comments

    Enter a comment/annotation to a document field to provide more information regarding the cell entry or to clarify the information entered
  • Correlated Documents

    Ability to build new document types from a document with embedded Build+Sync documents; The new documents will use the Build+Sync documents for the new document type(s) which correspond to the documents embedded in the original document
  • Custom Date Format

    Date fields may be customized to a user-preferred or document-specified format
  • Custom Risk Criteria

    Severity, Occurrence, Detection, and Criticality Matrices are now revision controlled, access controlled, and completely customizable
  • Dashboard

    A personalized dashboard displays important notices, overdue actions, recent documents, and other useful information.
  • Direct URLs

    Create your own shortcuts or share your documents and workspaces with colleagues using a direct link URL
  • Document Content

    Functionality to fold/unfold document rows for hiding/displaying important document information; Embed images within the document content; And embed Build+Sync documents in-line with other document content.
  • Document Preferences

    Preferences for individual documents are now found in one convenient location
  • Enhanced Build+Sync™

    Use documents as building blocks, embed a document as part of another document, and even 'nest' documents within other Build+Sync documents.
  • Expanded Lessons Learned Library

    Expanded library results with improved interface for easy results viewing and selection
  • Export Options

    Choose from several new file formats, use dynamic "Labels" to extract relevant document and project information into the document header, and convert image file types.
  • External File Management

    Import external file formats (i.e. CAD drawings, Word® documents, PowerPoint® presentations, etc) and use QA Assistant Studio MAX's control features to manage their revisions, access, and use as attachments or embedded in other QA Assistant Studio MAX documents. The imported files are stored using a robust AES-256 file encryption implementation.
  • Gantt Charts

    Gantt Charts may be created independently of projects, embedded, and nested within other Gantt Charts.
  • Guest / Scheduled Access

    Ability to share full document content with colleagues or guests for a scheduled period of time.
  • Managing Documents

    Ability to open or recycle many documents at once. Also the ability to open documents in a 'minimized' view to quickly view large files
  • Multiple Open Documents

    QA Assistant Studio now supports "tabbed" views and multiple instances to allow you to view several documents simultaneously
  • Pareto Assistant

    7 new graphs with greater level of detail and color-coded per user-specified criteria
  • PPAP Documents

    Compile related documents in the AIAG PPAP Document format for customer submissions and review.
  • Redline Comparison

    Compare two versions of a document using a redline document comparison to identify the changes
  • Reporting

    Refine the search criteria of your favorite standard document templates or use the improved Custom Reporting tool to create powerful reports
  • Risk Criteria Tables and Risk Results

    Severity, Occurrence & Detection tables together with easy to read risk statistics are automatically displayed with a concise quick-reference menu and the full risk table
  • Special Symbols & Characters

    Select Mathematical, Greek, and other symbols to quickly insert them into a document field
  • Syncrhonization

    Improved synchronization performance with same pane view. Additional tools for managing synchronization
  • Workspaces

    Opening a saved workspace will recreate that workspace, including your window layout, which document is open, opened document tabs, and window's scroll positions within those documents