5 Reasons to Upgrade to QA Assistant Studio MAX

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Everyone, Everywhere. QA Assistant Studio Max is “web based” APQP software which means that no matter where your team is (or in what time zone!) you can all stay connected and collaborate on dFMEA, pFMEA, Control Plan, Process Flows and projects without having to waste time or money installing individual software for each person. The best part is that it is accessible on the go through a tablet or a smart phone as well as from a computer so it is integrated and accessible wherever your day takes you.

Synchronicity. Keeping information consistent is a key component to success and productivity. QA Assistant Studio Max gives you the tools to help your team keep things consistent across product lines and process documents. One of the best features is the capability to use and re-use documents and create building blocks for other processes which ensures that when information is updated in one module, all relevant documents are updated as well.

Efficient APQP Document Creation. Take advantage of the exclusive Build + Sync ™ feature which allows you to point and click to use existing documents as 'sections' or building blocks to create a complete APQP document. With over 12,000 new built-in document templates (and counting!), QA Assistant Studio MAX is equipped for your industry.

Custom Reports. You have the power to refine the search criteria of your preferred templates or use the Custom Reporting tool to create powerful reports. The possibilities are endless and you can create custom, real-time reports that fit your specific needs.

Security. Enhanced security offers not just peace of mind to you but to your colleagues and clients as well. We take advantage of the most cutting edge security technology available and implement thorough, robust methods including AES-256 file encryption for uploaded files, providing unparalleled reliability. With state-of-the-art servers and networks, daily backups, and a dozen daily snapshots, our customers have confidence in the availability and protection of their sensitive information.

Bonus! Complimentary Training. Learning new software does not have to be a nightmare. With QA Assistant Studio Max, you and your team will get access to a comprehensive library of training videos covering nearly every feature available. Need extra help? No fear, our experts are also available for a detailed webinar or a Q&A session with your team to make sure that everyone is ready to get the most out of this package.

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