AIAG & VDA FMEA Action Priority (AP) Fields Now Available in QA Assistant Studio

The AIAG / VDA FMEA Handbook recommends using Action Priority ( AP ) fields in place of the Risk Priority Number ( RPN ) in Design FMEA, Process FMEA, and FMEA-MSR to evaluate priority for actions.

QA Assistant Studio MAX now includes the Action Priority ( AP ) field which may be color-coded to easily identify High, Moderate, and Low Action Priority values.

The risk criteria for the field may be customized, together with the related Severity, Occurrence, and Detection tables as the AIAG / VDA FMEA Handbook reocmmends, and integrated with both existing and new FMEA studies.

The newly added Action Priority ( AP ) column may now be included along with the following optional risk assessment fields in the desgin and process FMEA documents as shown in the image on this page:

  • SD ( concatenating the Severity & Detection columns )
  • SOD ( concatenating the Severity, Occurrence, and Detection columns )
  • Criticality ( Severity × Occurrence )
  • Risk Priority Number ( RPN = Severity × Occurrence × Detection )
  • GM Zone Matrix

QA Assistant Studio MAX's risk assessment tools have everything you need to ensure successful FMEA studies.