Dashboard Reporting for FMEA & APQP

Most of us have become accustomed to using dashboards in everyday life, when we drive our car, on TV screens, fitness statistics, internet banking and many more examples.

We are used to the quick processing of the information provided with at-a-glance views, from the amount of motoring fuel on board to the performance of the engine.

Rich Visualization

QA Assistant Studio MAX dashboards provide quick and powerful insights into your important metrics. This provides the tools to allocate your resources appropriately, manage time, bring your data to life and quickly focus on high risk areas.

Your Personal Dashboard

The log in dashboard welcomes you personally and displays a list of all your open actions, conveniently highlighting the date red when the actions have run over time. The appropriate document may be quickly opened to review the action(s). For example, if an activity has been set for you for a Action in an FMEA, this action will appear on your dashboard without having to seek out and open that FMEA document or run a report. The dashboard also provides a quick link to your recent documents, workspaces and projects.

Personal Projects View

The personal projects view provides a speedometer style view of each of your recent projects on one screen. You may immediately review the target end date for each project, color coded to show when project milestone dates has been missed. The meters show a Red/Amber/Green ("RAG") color code representing the incomplete/in progress/complete status of each project action. Document status is also shown in the dial, draft/active/obsolete/deleted.

Calendar View

The calendar view is perfect for managing your time and resources effectively. Toggle between a week and month view, you decide. Activities are shown for each day, incomplete Gantt Chart actions, Document Activities, and FMEA Recommended actions from documents where a target date has been set and you have permission to read that document. It also shows your personal Reminders. The icons next to each in the calendar change colour depending on the action's status (red for not started, yellow for in progress).

Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard extracts information from your APQP documents. The target completion date and number of days remaining being clearly shown. The Open Actions from the project are listed and highlighted in red when overdue. These are then broken down by document and RAG color coded. Project APQP documents are listed and includes the RAG color code status of those documents.

Why not bring your data alive and test drive our dashboards today?! Start using QA Assistant Studio MAX today!