FMEA - How to Leverage Knowledge

While brainstorming is important for identifying and discussing new ideas, the ability to leverage information from previous documents is a vital aspect of FMEA Studies.

Using previously created documents as a resource will:

  • Reduce time spent on trying to remember information
  • Ensure that all relevant information is considered in the current study
  • Promote the use of consistent information and language

Spreadsheet Limitations

If you are working with spreadsheets, attempting to retrieve information from your existing documents may be time consuming and prone to error. Depending how your documents have been set up and the number of documents involved, it can even be impossible to access important historical knowledge.

This can mean that valuable lessons either you, your team or previous colleagues have painstakingly documented are lost as an important resource for your organization. The inability to use this information can prove to be extremely costly in terms of time spent, customer confidence and expensive unnecessary pre-production trials.

Benefits of QA Assistant Studio MAX Dynamic Library

QA Assistant Studio MAX’s dynamic library provides instant access to your entire organization's expertise and lessons learned.

The library grows as your team updates its documents with new information. The intelligent interface automatically processes your library and makes recommendations relative to your current document content - No need to manually populate or maintain a static knowledgebase. The results are automatically filtered in real time as you type and elegantly displayed for your one-click selection.

In addition, relevant Severity, Occurrence, and Detection risk ranking statistics across all of your documents is available with the risk ranking tables, maintaining consistency throughout your company.

Library search results are also customizable, allowing you to also research results from other processes. For example, if you are creating a new FMEA and entering the Failure Mode, customizing library results will allow you to quickly and easily find all previous Potential Effects for that particular Failure Mode for that process and other similar processes.

Using QA Assistant Studio MAX knowledgebase library for FMEA studies will ensure improved timelines and accuracy for future similar projects. You are welcome to try it out yourself for 21 days!