QA Assistant LLC COVID-19 Response Newsletter

To Our Customers,

Our thoughts are with our customers, colleagues, friends and family around the world who are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. We understand everyone's situation is different and are available to help in whatever way we can.

Meeting Challenges

We are dedicated to our customers. The information below may help you in your own situation:
  • Your QA Assistant Studio MAX account is available from anywhere - even home - 24/7
  • We offer 24hr M-F support to all our customers
  • We have allocated resources to provide additional support on weekends during this challenging time
  • QA Assistant Studio MAX updates are continuing as usual (see below for recent features)
  • Our suppliers have assured business continuity with a minimum sever up-time of 99.9%

Recent Updates

We have a packed development schedule for 2020 and are continuing as planned. Below are some new features that are now available on your account:
  • Predictive text feature uses your library results and is selectable by pressing TAB or CTRL+ENTER on your keyboard to advance to the end of the proposed text or save the text respectively
  • Editable page numbers lets you see the number of pages and jump to a specific page in a custom report
  • New classification images added
  • Save and reuse custom colors to your personal color palette
  • Optimize screen width by hiding left menu bar

Make your life easier in 2020

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions please contact us:

Please reach out to us with any thoughts or concerns you may have.

Keep safe and well!

Best regards,
The QA Assistant Studio MAX Team