Risk Management Software Checklist

10+ Questions to ask your APQP/FMEA/PPAP software vendor

Researching an APQP/FMEA/PPAP software solution for your organization may seem like a daunting task. Selecting the wrong fit for your team will could prove expensive in terms of cost and time wasted, causing frustration and delays with implementing project timelines.

An experienced software vendor will ask you the key questions to ensure that your requirements will be met. There are a number of key questions you can ask to help narrow your search and ultimately make a well researched and informed decision on a solution that ticks your boxes.

Here are some example questions you may ask, and we have answered them in advance for QA Assistant Studio MAX for your convenience!

What document types are supported?

Design FMEA, Process FMEA, Design FMECA, Process FMECA, Process Flow Charts, Control Plans, Work Instructions, Gantt Charts, Criticality Matrix, PPAPs, Part Submission Warrants, Projects and other supporting documents are all native, database-driven documents in QA Assistant Studio MAX. Choose from 20,000+ native built-in document templates or upload and control your 3rd party documents.

How are documents controlled?

Access to documents may be provided individually to named people or account-wide. The in-built revision control system makes revision control robust and easy. The software automatically maintains a detailed audit log (with undo/redo capability) of all changes made.

Does the software support a lessons learned library?

The dynamic library provides instant access to your entire organization’s expertise and lessons learned. As you type, the library automatically displays information relevant to your document's content based on all of your organization's other documents or filtered to meet your preferred criteria and scope.

Can information be synchronized between documents?

Link related fields automatically or manually between APQP documents. The information may be viewed as a redline comparison and synchronized with your one-click approval.

What reporting tools are available? Are they customizable?

Create complex live reports with highly-detailed, multi-tiered report criteria; Or select and modify pre-existing report templates for reports on your documents' RPN, Pareto Analysis, Open Actions, Document Approvals, and more.

How can you track recommended actions and other actions?

Schedule email reminders for action owners and use detailed actions report to track progress.

Is an APQP Project Planning tool incorporated?

Yes, track project milestones, link documents to projects, provide ownership and traceability. You may also run reports and receive email reminders.

How is access to documents controlled?

Set read/write privileges for individual access to documents or allow all colleagues on your account to access the document. Provide 'guest' read access on a temporary basis to colleagues or customers.

How are document approvals handled?

Approvals may be controlled through Workflows with the approver having redline view of the document. Approval workflows may be tiered and emails automaticlly sent to specified colleagues and customers to request their approval and notify them of approval milestones.

What about document history?

Document history is automatically recorded with the ability to 'restore' a document to virtually any point in time within the revision's history prior to finalizing the document's version.

Are modular documents supported?

Live or static versions of documents may be embedded and nested within other documents, allowing you to add entire sections of live data into other documents. This is useful for creating and instantly updating many complex process documents consistently and simultaneously and/or for quickly creating product and process variations.

Is the software updated regularly?

Yes! QA Assistant Studio MAX is frequently updated with new features and in line with industry standards. In fact, 514 updates and new features since January 2018, with QA Assistant Studio MAX most recently update on 20 February 2024!

What is the type of support and training available?

The software in user friendly and intuitive. In-depth training manual, online training videos and one to one live webinars are also provided.

These are some example questions, you may have more, contact a member of our friendly sales team at sales@qaassistant.com and we will be happy to help you out!