QA Assistant Studio MAX - Big on Data!

Creating and managing documents is just one aspect of FMEA/APQP/PPAP studies - the analysing of this data is an important factor in the success, quality and reliability of your product.

With QA Assistant Studio MAX™, you will have the ability to create rich analysis within minutes. Using repeatable formats you may create awesome reports on demand to support team activity and inspire customer confidence.

From powerful custom reports to helpful reporting templates, your data may be extracted from one single location saving hours typically lost when using spreadsheets. All reports run on live data so that you are using your most up to date information even when creating a report for a last-minute meeting.

As one Tier 1 customer recently said "The Risk Report saved us having to trawl through the data every time".

Fast Easy Report Templates

The in-built reporting templates support the most popular search criteria from FMEA statistics to Open Actions to personal reminders. We have taken this to a whole other level to allow the customization of the report templates to support your own in-house and customer requirements.

  • Risk Reporting The risk reporting template gleans insights into your risk areas from FMEA data, allowing you to allocate precious resources appropriately. The report is customizable to generate dynamic content on multiple search criteria.
  • My Reminders Personal reminders report provides you with the tools to keep track of your own open actions for time management and overall control of your schedule.SOD ( concatenating the Severity, Occurrence, and Detection columns )
  • Open Actions Create compelling and informative reports on open actions from your team’s FMEAs, Control Plans and other documents, saving valuable time.
  • Pareto Analysis Displays important statistical FMEA information with 12 built-in report views.

Powerful Custom Reports

Simply and quickly create custom report templates based on your own search criteria with easy to use dropdown menus. This will allow you to respond quickly to management or customer requests together with the ability to set up templates for repeatable reporting requirements. Make quick modifications to the report, for example during a meeting, to respond to new queries. Custom reports may be used for complex reports with highly-detailed, multi-tiered report criteria.

Smart Dashboards

QA Assistant Studio MAX robust dashboards provide rich visualization.

  • Personal Dashboard Displays on overview of your open tasks and the status of these tasks.
  • Project Dashboard Provides important project information such as target dates, open actions and document status.

We welcome you to try out QA Assistant Studio MAX’s dynamic reporting tools for yourself. Try Free today!