APQP Software Giveaway

Yamaha Motors, with the desire to "satisfy [their] customers and exceed their expectations with products and services of superior quality, unmatched performance, and extraordinary value",1 have recently received a year's membership to the QA Assistant™ GlobalNetwork Edition suite of quality tools! Anyone from Yamaha Motors will be able to log on to the Assistant Studio software and avail of its FMEA software, Control Plan software, & Process Flow software, Warrants, and be able to directly link the documents via Yamaha Motor product numbers!

How is this possible?

At the start of Winter, QA Assistant announced its first ever "Winter Giveaway!" Basically, companies who had requested a demonstration of the software were entered into a draw. The winner, drawn on 6 Februrary 2009, was Yamaha Motors. Even our giveaways are easy!

What, excactly, do they receive?

Yamaha Motors is now considered members of the Assistant Studio GlobalNetwork Edition and, as such, are given all of the benefits the GlobalNetwork Edition offers!

+ Access to Assistant Studio -- including FMEA Software, Control Plan Software, Process Flow Software, Project Planning, and other APQP tools!
+ Free Upgrades!
+ Free Phone and Email Support
+ Free Software training
+ No Installation required
+ Email Reminder Capability
+ Storage for 1500 Documents
+ Automatic Data Backup
+ Free server maintenance

These resources enable Yamaha Motors to be up and running quickly and allow them to immediately start saving nearly 80% of document creation time when they create and maintain their FMEA, Control Plan, Process Flow, and other APQP and PPAP documents!

Would you like to receive the same?

The features listed above all come standard with our Assistant Studio GlobalNetwork Edition software! Start saving time and money today!

1 Source: Yamaha Motors website 22 February 2009